We offer full privacy, anonymity, and password-protected proofing services. We will not post any images from your photo shoot that include your whole face or any other recognizable markings (tattoos, scars, birthmarks etc...). We take the privacy of our clients very seriously and we guarantee your anonymity. Thus, we’ve built in several safeguards to ensure that your privacy will be protected at all times, and you will have complete control over which images (if any) are released and where they appear. 

First of all, other than e-mail correspondence, your full name will never be associated with your photos.  All images are only processed by our photographer. Your images are also archived in house and can be permanently deleted if you request. To create your products, we work with a professional book binder and print lab who also understands your privacy concerns and does not have access to your files except those that are used for printing your album. 

All of the images that you see on this website are used with permission.  After your session, you will have the opportunity to grant us permission to use any images, specific images or no images at all. You  may also let us know how and where they may be used.  We will NEVER use an image from your session without your consent.

You always have the right to keep all images private, however because we exercise new skills and stretch ourselves creatively with every session, we LOVE to share our work with new clients!!  We give a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who does allow use permission to share images. It is extremely helpful to new clients to see our current work and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. 

As always, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or if there is a specific concern that you would like to address. 

Capitol Bombshell

Crespo Events, LLC.

Please read through this policy that is set in place to protect all of us. When you purchase your session online, in person, or over the phone, this is the policy you are agreeing and are contractually binding yourself to. This covers what to expect from us and what we expect from you. We appreciate your understanding that this is a business that can only survive with structure and mutual respect.

All clients must sign the CONTRACT, POLICY & RELEASE FORM at their session; however, payment of session fee is Client's acceptance of terms of service and conditions as outlined in Capitol Bombshell's policy as indicated by your initials at the booking checkout.

TOP 10

  1. Clients must be paid in full by the end of the session and before editing, design and shipping of products.

  2. Session deposits, and products are NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstance. All sales are final. All sessions and gift cards will expire a year from the time of original booking/purchase.

  3. Sessions can be rescheduled with 48-hour advance notice for critical circumstances ONLY (due to severe illness, injury, family crisis, or unforeseen emergencies). Please understand postponing a session a week, 72-hours or even 48 hours before your session leaves us a with an empty prime spot that was reserved exclusively for you (this means significant loss of time and business). After the first postponement, the client has 30 days to re-schedule a session or the deposit will be forfeited.  ALL postponement requests less than seven days from the 2nd scheduled session will be charged a $75 fee and/or ALL special discounts will be voided.

  4. Sessions will be canceled, and the retainer/deposit will be forfeit in full if client runs 15 minutes late or does not show up at the scheduled time. Plan accordingly and be respectful of our time.  

  5. If our photographer or staff feels unsafe or mistreated at any time, we reserve the right to refuse/terminate the service immediately.

  6. The turnaround time for edited proofs is 7-10 business days. Do not screen-grab proofs or final images.

  7. Any misuse or unauthorized use of our work will be referred to our attorneys. This also includes "screen-grabs."

  8. Since Clients have every opportunity to address any issues with hair and make-up prior to shooting, issues brought up AFTER the fact are not grounds for refunds, credits, or re-shoots.

  9. We own the images of your session, but we will not post them unless you authorize us to use for publicity purposes.

  10. By booking a session you are accepting the terms and conditions of Capitol Bombshell / Crespo Events, LLC. 


Capitol Bombshell - Boudoir & Pin-up Photography / Crespo Events LLC - Luigi Crespo (“We” or “Us”) require each client (“Client” or “You”) to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE retainer (“Session Fee”) to book your session with us.  After the Session Fee has been paid, it CANNOT be refunded for any reason. Please be certain that the date you book is the date YOU want to shoot. This will help avoid any loss of time and/or money for both parties. You can book a session via the "PRICING" link on our website. We accept American Express, Visa, & MasterCard as forms of payment. Tips for the stylist can be done in cash or via credit/debit card at time of checkout. 


We require that all Clients electronically sign this CONTRACT, POLICY & RELEASE FORM (“Contract”) before any session is scheduled. This Contract ensures that we are all on the same page and that there is never confusion as to who, what, when, why, & how we do business. By booking a session, you agree that you have read, understood, and agreed to the policies & procedures listed on this form.



The session fee balance is due the day of your session or you can request to pay it before your session. 



As of January 2017, we no longer require a minimum purchase of products. As of January of 2019, all our sessions are all-inclusive of hair, make-up, and a hardcover book. Digital products are sold separately unless otherwise specified. 



Retainers/Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE under ANY circumstance, but we can reschedule your session once for a very special circumstance (due to severe illness, injury, family crisis, or unforeseen emergencies). By booking a session, you agree that if you don’t show up for your session, are 15 minutes late to your session and we don't have time to shoot, or you change your mind and don't want to shoot with us after all, or you do not re-schedule your session within 30 days of your originally scheduled session, you forfeit the full amount of your retainer fee.  AGAIN, NO REFUNDS, but we can re-schedule your session (ONE-TIME ONLY) WITHIN 30 days of your original scheduled session.


Please understand postponing a session a week, 72-hours or even 48 hours before your session leaves us a with an empty prime spot that was reserved exclusively for you (This means significant loss of time and business). After postponement, client has 30 days to re-schedule a session or the remaining deposit will be forfeited. ALL postponement requests less than seven days from the scheduled session will be charged a $75 fee and/or ALL special discounts will be voided.


Capitol Bombshell takes utmost care to honor scheduled session times and to deliver products and services as promised. However, should Capitol Bombshell or agents be unable to perform services due to severe illness, injury, family crisis, or unforeseen emergency, Capitol Bombshell reserves the right to reschedule the session within 30 days from the original scheduled session.



We prefer no male companions. Husbands and boyfriends are welcome to drive you, check out the space and leave after you have settled. We have found sessions are not very productive when the gentlemen stay. Our all-female staff is ready to help you get dolled-up. If you’re bringing a female friend to help you feel more comfortable, why not book a session together? 

Absolutely NO children in our studio OR in location shoots (unless shooting a rare family/children session).  If the photographer feels uncomfortable or distracted due to creepy onlookers, nosey audience, on-the-phone-chaperones or children running on the set/location, the session will be terminated. We expect ZERO distractions. 



We offer full privacy, anonymity, and password-protected proofing services. We will not post any images from your photo shoot that include your whole face or any other recognizable markings (tattoos, scars, birthmarks etc...). We take the privacy of our clients very seriously and we guarantee your anonymity, but if you want a little extra public attention, we know how to get you published and noticed. 



The Client shall be responsible for her behavior during a photo session. Capitol Bombshell reserves the right to terminate the session without notice if we deem the Client's behavior to be unruly, illegal or unsafe. In such instances, Capitol Bombshell reserves the right to retain the full session fee and collect the minimum order as damages. The Client will reimburse Capitol Bombshell for any loss/damage caused to property or equipment. 



If you are traveling for your session, we recommend booking your session and securing it with payment before booking your airfare and hotel. Sessions cannot be held, and are only secured on our calendar with payment. Without a secured booking, our schedule may change. We only schedule our calendar around paid clients. Capitol Bombshell is not responsible for any fees associated with airline or hotel schedule changes. Please fly in the day before your session, refunds/reschedules will not be given due to same day flight cancellations/delays. Keep "traveling time and rush-hour traffic" in consideration when driving to Frederick. MD. 



While we strive to make the experience unforgettable, we are not here to only offer the experience of the session itself. The Capitol Bombshell experience is a two-part process that every client agrees to when she books her session. We do not offer refunds or replacement sessions if a client claims she is not happy with her images. Every client is shot in the same way as the work shown on Capitol Bombshell's website. Hair and makeup is done as per client requests, any claims of dissatisfaction with hair and makeup after the session will not be considered once the client leaves the hair/make-up chair. If for any reason client is unhappy with hair and makeup she must express herself prior to being photographed so that our makeup artist can perform corrections.  



Clients may expect to spend 45-60 minutes in hair and make-up, (this does not pertain to outfit changes) and actual shooting time. The rest of the time is used for wardrobe changes, lighting and set changes and Client perusal of the Capitol Bombshell product line.



We respect our clients' wishes and we are happy to please all wishes but we also have a brand and an image to protect. 


  1. We do not photograph porn or hardcore fetish. We shoot implied nudes, pasties, topless, butt shots, full nudes and a light erotica including couple's boudoir. 

  2. We do not misuse the U.S. Flag, military honors or photograph anything unpatriotic.

  3. We do not photograph bondage or anything that looks like women in pain/submission (dominatrix is fine).

  4. We do not photograph political/religious symbols of any kind and we do not talk about these two topics ether. 


While we are at it, at Capitol Bombshell will NOT engage in any political or religious conversations, and we will up-charge you if you mention the Kardashians. 



Our sessions are a process starting with hair and make-up, and is not only an important part of the process but also an important part of the schedule for our sessions to run smoothly. That said, it is mandatory that all clients go through hair and make-up before shooting with us. If clients have any allergies or sensitivity to makeup or product, they are welcome to bring their own products for the make-up artist to use. Clients looking to get out of hair and make-up to avoid tipping the make-up artist will be asked to leave without refund. We all want you to love the way you look! Since Clients have every opportunity to address any issues with hair and make-up prior to shooting, issues brought up after the fact are not grounds for refunds, credits, ore re-shoots.


We employ exceptionally talented hair & make-up artists who are working for us for a reduced fee so that your session fee remains affordable. That being said, for those who don't know the industry, tipping the hair and make-up artists is standard as it is in salons and any other service industry profession. You may tip your make-up artist in cash or via credit card at check out. TIPS ARE ONLY FOR THE HAIR & MAKEUP ARTIST. The photographer DOES NOT receive, nor expects tips. His best tip is a Facebook, Yelp and Google review from you and/or a testimonial blog entry. 


Proofs will be delivered at a personal reveal session or electronically seven to ten days after the date of your session. The proofing gallery will be live on our secure site for seven (7) days for clients to view and make their orders by midnight on the 7th day. It is Client's responsibility to make time to view their galleries. Galleries will automatically be erased 15 days from the day of the session.


Because of some photography business practices, a lot of people now expect access to their images immediately after their session. We do things a little differently. Instead of burning the images just shot onto a CD or flash drive and waving you goodbye, we take the time to sift through your entire shoot with a fine-toothed editing comb. We sharpen, color balance, smooth skin tones, and tweak & re-tweak all of the images to look the way we want them to look, which just so happens to be fabulous!



Retouching is applied to all proofs and no image leaves the studio without processing. Digital photography, when done correctly, requires time in a digital darkroom to make the images look their best. We are all about quality! Client will trust Luigi’s talent and vision to produce the same outcome on images selected. Luigi does not retouch to specifications although Client is welcome to make requests. We DO NOT change you. We polish you. You WILL look like YOU - Bombshell you.  We do not do composites. If a "gondola" is not on the set, there will be no "gondola" on your images. We shoot it right on set, so we don't have to make things up in post-production. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to Luigi but all art is subjective. You are paying for my artistic interpretation and expression. 



While every effort is made to meet the Client's requirements, all sizes quoted by Capitol Bombshell are approximate. The Client must inform us if accurate sizing is critical. Images are cropped to fit product sized chosen by Client. In the event the Client does not want to lose any of the images in cropping, arrangements may be made with Capitol Bombshell to suit her needs. Any dissatisfaction with cropping will be subject to Client covering our cost for lab and shipping on replacement images. Due to limitations of materials and processes, it is not possible to guarantee 100% color matching. However, we will endeavor to provide the closest possible match. All print orders will be cropped to fit order. If proof dimensions are desired for prints, please order the longer dimension print sizes.



All prices shown within Capitol Bombshell price list are subject to change without prior notice. Capitol Bombshell reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Images/data supplied in electronic format for all images/data supplied to the Client in electronic format (including, but not limited to, electronic mail, CDs/DVDs, etc.), Capitol Bombshell will endeavor to ensure that the data sent is not corrupt and is virus free. Capitol Bombshell cannot be held responsible for any damage, disruption and/or loss of any kind that the said media may cause to the Client's computer or data. The Client agrees to take similar steps to ensure that data sent to Capitol Bombshell is not corrupt and/or virus-free. All prices are subject to change without notice.



We will design all product orders in our style. This includes image arrangement for books, canvas wrap cropping and horizontal book overlay formatting to preserve images from crease lining down the face. Images will be cropped to fit order sizes as we see most artistically pleasing. Dissatisfaction with product may be open to negotiation for replacement if client covers all costs for reproduction, lab and shipping unless there was a mistake with lab production. In that case, the lab will replace it. Books are subject to discoloration at the creases over a long period of time. 



Please allow a maximum of one week for design from the date your order was paid in full and up to another week for lab production and shipping of products. Product ships via UPS. Clients are responsible for providing a secure address for delivery. If an order shows delivered by the carrier, but Client does not have the order, Capitol Bombshell is not responsible for stolen packages and the order can be replaced at cost of production and shipping. Rush orders are available for a $50 service fee plus shipping.  The supply of products and services are provided by Capitol Bombshell on a best efforts basis. Capitol Bombshell shall use reasonable efforts to meet agreed deadlines where applicable. Capitol Bombshell shall not be liable for any delays in meeting any of her obligations that were due to causes beyond her reasonable control, including but not limited to: postage/courier/lab delays, war/acts of terrorism, riots, government legislation, industrial action, adverse weather conditions, acts of God, floods, fire, loss or damage in transit, etc.  Claims for damage, non-delivery, or shortages will not be considered unless notified in writing within seven days of delivery. We are not liable for incorrect addresses given by clients on their order forms nor are we liable for loss of product left at given address. All deliveries are delivered signature required. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that items delivered by a third party are suitably packaged for transit. Capitol Bombshell cannot accept liability for loss or damage caused by a third party. 



By signing this agreement, you agree that you have no rights to the photographs, and all rights to the photographs belong to Capitol Bombshell - Crespo Events LLC.  You also understand that in no form would Capitol Bombshell - Crespo Events LLC share images that compromise your identity without your permission. 



You may submit these photographs to contests/magazines/websites as long as Capitol Bombshell is properly credited. Furthermore, you understand that in no form can you modify, edit, crop, filter or sell these photographs without Capitol Bombshell’s consent. 


OUR SERVICES AND PRODUCT ARE FOR PERSONAL AND MODEL USE ONLY. Any professional or commercial use of our copyrighted images is prohibited without express written permission from Capitol Bombshell. Pin-up models: call us to discuss use. We are happy to work with you and accommodate magazine requirements. We love to get published, so let's collaborate. Any commercial use of images we created for personal use will be submitted to our attorney for a cease and desist and notice to the website hosting service to remove the website for unauthorized use of our copyrighted work. Images CANNOT be published without our consent. 


Proofing gallery images are for viewing purposes only! Any reproduction or screen grab downloads are a direct violation of Capitol Bombshell's policy and a violation of artist copyright and client contract! In other words, it is stealing, it is illegal, and it is not very nice! All violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In layman's terms: you may not copy images from your viewing gallery. You may not scan prints and post the copies online. If you want digital images to post online, you must purchase them. In the event we find you posting unauthorized copies of our work we will charge your credit card on file the retail value of a digital web image at $70 per image posted. Your proofing gallery expiration date is based on the date the proofing email was sent. It is Client's responsibility to schedule their time to accommodate proofing from their session. We work hard to deliver on time and expect clients to order on time. Orders placed after the proofing period has expired will incur a one time 25% SERVICE FEE. Please understand that this is for workflow purposes. No exceptions!  






To the fullest extent allowed by law, you agree to WAIVE, DISCHARGE CLAIMS, AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY Capitol Bombshell and Crespo Events, LLC, its owner, employees, and contractors, from any and all liability on account of, or in any way resulting from Injuries and Damages, even if caused by negligence of Capitol Bombshell and Crespo Events, LLC, its owner, employees and contractors, in any way connected with this photo-shoot. You further agree to HOLD HARMLESS Capitol Bombshell and Crespo Events, LLC, its owner, employees and contractors from any claims, damages, injuries or losses caused by my own negligence while participating in the session. You understand that this assumption of risk and release is binding upon your heirs, executors, administrators and assigns. You agree that this release is irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual, and will be governed by the laws (excluding the law of conflicts) of the country/state from the following list that is nearest to the address given.

This contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland without regard to any conflicts. All claims, disputes, and lawsuits arising out of or in connection with this Contract from either party shall be resolved or adjudicated in the city of Frederick in the State of Maryland.

You understand that all the information required by this document is true and you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and have the full capacity to execute this release/contract. You have read this release before signing it and you fully understand the contents, meaning, and impact of this Contract, Policies and Release.

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