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Hola, my name is Luigi

Your new favorite boudoir and pin-up photographer. I am Peruvian by birth, but a proud American by choice. 


I am bold, direct, and passionate about my work. I love dad jokes, cast-iron cooking, smoky old-fashioneds, flan, rum balls, calligraphy, thrifting, and fast old cars. For speed and glory, I race my red little car. Oh, and I dabble in cosplaying Santa. I live in Urbana, MD, and I am a proud dad of three awesome adult kids. Life is good.


I have a master’s in communications from the American University in DC, and in a previous life, I had a rewarding event planning and senior protocol career in the US government. While planning big events, I picked up a camera to document some of my event details like handwritten place cards, table settings, and flower arrangements.


It had been a while since I took photography in college, so I dusted off the old camera and started taking photo safari workshops. I came cross a local pin-up and boudoir class, and I was hooked into the genre. A few people suggested I couldn’t do it, so I told them to hold my rum and coke and here we are. I changed paths from flags and forks to lights and lingerie.


I am proud of what I have built over 13 years. I am absolutely passionate about what I do, and I hope it shows.


Your time to reclaim your body, your sense of self-worth, and your femininity is now. I hope you will trust my team and me to create an authentic, fun, and unique session just for you. 

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Boudoir photographer holding camera to his face.
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Our Standards & Earning Your Trust

Our mission is to help you look gorgeous and feel empowered by unleashing your inner bombshell and capturing the real you in beautiful and ethically-edited photographs. We strive to make Capitol Bombshell a sex-positive, judgment-free space where you feel safe and appreciated.


At your photo shoot, you can expect a female team member will be there the whole time to assist you. We offer a separate changing room, and all posing and coaching is done verbally. If there is a need to touch you during a shoot for any reason, we will ask your consent first.


Your body, your rules. Always.

All-Women Power Team

Capitol Bombshell’s licensed cosmetologists, consultant and intern are the best of the best. They provide first-class hair and makeup and will support you throughout the session with wardrobe changes, hyping, and coaching. No photo shoot is complete without them.

Headshot of make-up artist Alice Ness

Alice Ness

Crazy cat lady, witchy Pisces babe, marketing guru, and muse.
Headshot of make-up artist Megan Brackna.

Megan Brackna

Wifey, baker, momma, and fur-baby mama.
Headshot of make-up artist Mandy Rollins.

Mandy Rollins

Thrifting pro, mama of two, family-obsessed, and overall easy-going babe.
Make-up artist Ali Wilson.

Ali Wilson

Cat mom with a lifelong passion for make-up. She enjoys reading modern poetry and creating resin art.
Videographer headshot of Liesel Tavenner.

Liesel Tavenner

Retired gymnast, momma, sewing guru, children’s photographer, and our cinematic video Expert.
Headshot of photography intern Jasmine Osborne.

Jasmine Osborne

Bad-assy heavy metal bassist, professional music instructor, and our studio intern.

Not to brag or anything but...

13 years in business

2 professional studios

4 licensed cosmetologists

2375 photo sessions

421 combined reviews

207 times published