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What is boudoir? 

A boudoir is woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room. In a boudoir photo session, we strive to capture the privacy and intimacy that comes with being in a space that is meant just for you. Let your hair down, and we’ll do the rest!

Who is your typical Bombshell?

There is no such thing as a typical Bombshell! Our clients are people of all shapes, shades, styles, professions, and lifestyles. We welcome anyone who wants to explore and have fun in a photo shoot customized just for you.

What's included with every session?

All Capitol Bombshell sessions include unlimited consultations, professional hair and make-up, and expertly retouched edited images delivered within seven days in a private, password protected gallery.

What other fees do you have?

Our pin-up sessions are $437; our boudoir sessions are $675; and our spicy boudoir sessions are $1299. Professional hair and make-up and a number of edited images are included with every session. Upgrades for additional sets, outfits, edits and albums are available as an add-on. Our pricing is fair, transparent AND listed. No up-sales. No tricky reveal sessions. No hidden pricing. No bull$hit.

Do you have payment plans available?

We have a payment plan with zero interest or fees. You can book and start making monthly payments toward your session and any add-ons before your booked session date! We also carry gift certificates if you want to treat a Bombshell in your life.

Do you offer video?

Yes, we offer informal complimentary phone and go-pro video content with our Velvet Noir Boudoir Experience. For professional video, we offer an add-on short cinematic film created during your portrait experience then professionally edited to music. Video service is limited and only offered for boudoir, and Velvet Noir experiences.

How do I book my session?

You may opt for a phone or tour consultation before booking to help you get more comfortable with our services. All booking is done online, and all you need is a 50% deposit. Your deposit is good for one year from the date of booking.

Can I pick the location for my session?

We prefer to use one of our two studios, but our ability to accommodate off-site requests depends on location, number of Bombshells, and the complexity of the shoot. If you have a group and a cool location, let’s talk. (Additional fees apply for off-site location shoots.)

Is there anything you won't photograph?

We do not shoot any photographs that misuse the US flag or military honors. We also do not shoot anti-American, political or religious symbols of any kind. If you have questions about whether we will shoot something, just ask!

What should I do with my hair?

Please arrive with freshly washed, fully dried hair. We suggest washing the evening before, which results in the best hold for styling. Use very little product post-wash because it can greatly affect your hairstyle. Touch up your roots three to four days before your photo shoot. Please do not arrive with wet hair. Questions concerning your hair? Please feel free to ask!

Can I wear a hair piece?

If you intend on using hair pieces, we highly suggest ones that are made of real hair. Synthetic hair is not cohesive with our curling methods and we want you to look your absolute best! Please arrive WITH installed extensions, or we can install them for you for an additional $40 (we do not carry extensions). 

What should I do with my skin?

Prep your skin! Your make-up is only as good as the skin beneath so any extra preparations you can do will help you glow all the more. Prior to your photo shoot, please remove all makeup, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Take care of your eyebrows and any unwanted facial hair at least two days out to allow for redness or skin reactions to calm.

What else should I do to prepare for my session?

Try to get as much sleep as you can, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate in the days leading up to your shoot. If you have any allergies or need our artist to use a specific make-up or hair product brand due to allergies, please let us know!


Please use clear deodorant so that it does not leave marks on your wardrobe. Use a light lotion to moisturize your skin. If you tan, please do so at least three days out from your shoot to reduce any redness. Any self-tanner or skin-illuminator needs to be applied prior to your appointment so that it does  not leave stains or marks on our furniture or clothing.


If you do not routinely manicure your fingernails and toenails, do so the day before, Nails do not need to have polish, but no chipped or dirty nails. We suggest no white nail polish because it doesn’t photograph well. . And finally, be sure to wash the bottom of your feet so they are nice and clean!

Can I cancel my session?

Booking a session means you agree to the non-refundable 50% deposit. Sessions can be rescheduled with at least five days advance notice. Please understand postponing a session a week, 72-hours, or even 48 hours before your session leaves us a with an empty prime spot that was reserved exclusively for you. This means a significant loss of time and business for both our photographer and hair and make-up artist. We are flexible, and human, and we understand unexpected things happen, BUT we also take your, AND our, time very seriously.


What should I wear to my session? 

Clients are responsible for bringing their own outfits, but we have some accessories to complement your looks. If you need something, just ask! We work closely with you to design your session, but we recommend bringing anything that makes you feel sexy and confident. Wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid socks with elastic bands that leave marks. No hair band on your wrist, please!

Anything I should know about my session make-up?

Your day-to-day makeup and hair routine will be vastly different from what we provide. With studio lighting we need heavier makeup, but we promise it’ll be worth it! Don’t be afraid to politely speak your mind, if you don’t feel your best because it will show in the photos. We are happy to discuss your needs and change something within reason if it is not to your liking BEFORE you step in front of the camera.

Do I have to get naked? 

No. We believe that it is your body, your rules. You can be as clothed or unclothed as you want, and we will never pressure you either way. If there’s something you want to try (or not), just let us know! We want you to feel safe and comfortable during your shoot so that you can let your inner Bombshell come through.

Can I bring my spouse/partner/friend to my session with me?

We want you to feel comfortable and free during your session, and after 13 years, we’ve found that partners and spouses are often a distraction rather than a help. Your spouse/partner is welcome to come in, meet us, and see the studio before your session starts, but then we ask that they leave so that we can get to work. Female friends are welcome, but we recommend bringing your fun friend, not your judgmental friend.

Would you help me pose? 

Absolutely! All photo sessions are done in the presence of one of our female assistants, and all posing direction is done verbally by the photographer or assistant. If you want to dare a little beyond what we are doing, tell us and we will work with you on implied, topless, nude, and explicit photos.

Can I bring some alcohol? 

Bringing alcohol is HIGHLY DISCOURAGED, but we have LIMITED “liquid encouragement” if you feel like you need it. Talk to us if you want to bring mimosas, snacks, or other goods.

Any house rules I should be mindful of? 

  • Please be respectful of the time we have scheduled just for you. We are a stickler for time.
  • Please be respectful of the space you are shooting in!
  • Clean up after yourself including trash, food or drinks, and clothing tags or hangers.
  • For sanitary reasons, please do not touch anything on the makeup artist’s table without permission.
  • Please do not bring up politics or religion… or the Kardashians !
  • We will terminate the session if we deem your behavior to be abusive, unruly, illegal or unsafe.

May I tip you?

We employ exceptionally talented hair and make-up artists who are working for us for a reduced fee so that your session fee remains affordable. That being said, for those who don't know the industry, tipping the hair and makeup artists is standard as it is in salons and any other service industry profession. The average tip for our boudoir session is $30-100. You may tip your makeup artist in cash or via credit card, Venmo/Paypal at check out. Your kind tip is only for the hair and make-up stylist. The photographer does not accept, nor expects tips. His best tip is a written testimonial from you.


I’ve always wanted to be taller with a bigger booty. Will you Photoshop my pictures to change my body or face? 

Every image you select will be professionally edited, but we are all about ethical editing. Because we believe in embracing who you are and enhancing what you’ve got, your photos will look like you, but a polished you. We shoot with purpose, and you get to pick from a pool of carefully curated images. If there is no castle behind you at the studio, there will be no castle in your final pictures, but you still will look like a Queen (wink, wink).

Would you share my images or information on-line?

We will own the copyright to your pictures, but we will never use any of your images that show your face, or any other recognizable features, without your written permission. Your privacy, confidentiality and security are very important to us. If we break that trust, we have no business. We do not sell your information or use your photos in any marketing without your written permission.