Both a Woman, and a Mother.


"I am learning to navigate life with this new body. I am learning it’s ok to be a mom and a woman at the same time. When I hear my husband say how good I look it’s hard to imagine he’s right. He thought I looked good before, how can he think I still look good with this new, permanently changed body? But you know what? He’s right. My body is amazing! For all of its efforts it should be celebrated.  

Within my body I grew a tiny human and using my body I feed him. I have new curves and have lost others. But I am still sensual and physical and beautiful. I embrace my womanhood and my motherhood because I am both a woman and a mother. I am alive and overflowing with raw, real beauty. I can see it in my son’s eyes. I can see it in my husband’s eyes. Finally, I can see it in myself.

Being photographed by Capitol Bombshell before Zeke was fun and just for me, and of course, a few were for my husband. I liked the way I looked and I really liked the way I felt when I shared the pictures. 

When I was photographed pregnant I was in total awe that my body was growing a human. It was inspiring to know that I was holding a whole new life. I had reservations after the birth and I really didn't want to get in any pictures. I was worried because my body didn't look the same and I would never look as good as I did before. Turns out I was wrong. There is something so special about a mom and her new mom body. I feel like I'm glowing in these most recent photographs by Luigi Crespo of Capitol Bombshell and LuigiCrespoPhotography

Watching Zeke light up when we interact makes me light up too. It's like a perpetual circle of smiles and it's the greatest gift. And, guess what? I love sharing these pictures too."

Liesel T.



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