In just one minute, everything can change. FU*K CANCER!


In just one minute, everything can change. That minute for me was the day I felt the lump in my breast. From that moment forward it was sonograms, mammograms, biopsies, and then the call from my Doctor. "I'm so sorry to tell you this, but you do have cancer." I've fought some battles in my life and I've always been a scrapper, but this was one fight I wasn't sure I could not battle. I was so tired every day and I could only sit and watch my family making plans, organizing dinners, lunches and standard household chores. As they planned shifts of who would stay with me as I was recovering I couldn't help to think, "what will happen to them?"

During the next four months of healing I thought that something good had to come out of this situation. My wardrobe was ridiculous which was a routine of bathrobe, pajamas and sweatshirts. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and thinking how terrible I looked. After a few months of rest I felt better physically, but the scars where still there reminding me of what I went through. I began to feel very depressed, as there would be no way of forgetting this. Then one day I decided I didn't want to forget. I'd come too far to stop fighting now. I began viewing my scars as reminders of the internal strength which I never knew existed. I wanted a reminder that I could be beautiful again, my scars make me beautiful and I wanted to document this battle.

I've heard of Capitol Bombshell though a friend and after looking at his work on the website, I decided that he would be the person that would be able to capture the images that would mean so much to me. I'll admit that I was nervous when I walked through the door, but as soon as I did I was immediately at ease. The environment was so warm and Luigi and his team made me feel confident, like I could do this. He was extremely patient, professional, and fun to work with. I felt beautiful and strong. As I looked through my album, I started to choke up. Luigi was able to capture my battle and my win so beautifully. I am so grateful to Luigi for hearing what I wanted and making it happen. 




Capitol Bombshell is a Maryland-based boudoir and pinup photography studio. We strongly believe in providing you with an all-inclusive, transparent-pricing, ethical-editing, and bullshit-free photographic session tailored to bring out your most beautiful and real self. You are worth it, and so are we.