I was not too sure on what to expect


I was not too sure on what to expect when it came to boudoir photography. I've always wanted to do it but never knew how to approach it. There were a lot of things that I thought about like how to look "sexy" for the camera, or which poses will complement my shape. After a lot of thinking I set up an appointment at Capitol Boudoir. I was extremely nervous the day before the shoot. I was constantly checking to make sure my legs were shaved well and that my nails and toes looked nice because those fancy cameras pick up EVERYTHING. 

The day of the shoot came and I headed up to Luigi's studio. I decided to bring a friend to help keep my nerves calm. The team made me feel very comfortable. They offered me campaign and made me feel very welcome. When my makeup was complete, I knew this was it. There's no turning back. I had to go through with the shoot. I was very nervous. I came out of the dressing room in my first outfit. I had no idea what I was doing. Luigi did a great job guiding me through the shoot. He gave me suggested poses and told me what to do with my eyes and face. By the second outfit I was completely calm. The shoot was over in no time. I couldn't believe how fast it went by. I got my images back within a week and I have never seen myself look so glamorous. 

 Month's went by and I started a new part time modeling job. I needed images but I knew they needed to be top notch. They first person I thought of was Luigi. I send him a message to let him know what I needed and he worked with me. The day of the shoot came and again, I was extremely nervous. This would be my first fully nude shoot. Luigi guided me through and made the transition from fully clothed to fully nude a piece of cake. I felt very comfortable . I even learned some awesome tips when it came to posing. Capitol Bombshell has helped me out so much when it comes to my side job. The modeling liaison was very impressed when it came to the photos. I definitely will be booking with Capitol Bombshell again in the future.  




Capitol Bombshell is a Maryland-based boudoir and pinup photography studio. We strongly believe in providing you with an all-inclusive, transparent-pricing, ethical-editing, and bullshit-free photographic session tailored to bring out your most beautiful and real self. You are worth it, and so are we.